When creative minds clash in Grand Rapids

I had the good fortune to be on the demo team for Grand Rapid’s Style Battle, the biggest fashion competition in West Michigan. What I didn’t realize was how much fun the event was going to be. Above are my final submissions to the event, all shot and processed within the span of roughly an hour. I’m pretty sure that my last shot was raced to the viewing screen with just a matter of seconds to go.

Style Battle showcases the best of the best in independent photography, hairstylists, make-up artists, models and retailers. It is an extremely fast-paced and high energy event in which teams from each field come together and compete to showcase product and talent.


Event concept:

Set up as stations in an open design workroom layout, teams of fashion professionals will stage their style Haikus as “looks” on models. These looks must also be photographed so that the overall finished concepts may be voted on. This three hour timed challenge drives each team to collaborate and create four completed looks over the course of an evening. The audience is encouraged to visit the team stations in their various states of creative conception through completion. Team photographers shoot, edit and project images during the voting process. An expert panel of judge along with the audience and the producers have an opportunity to vote on their favorite teams, determining the winners.


Team Members:

  • 1 photographer
  • 4 models
  • 1 makeup artist
  • 1 hairstylist
  • 1 clothing retailer/stylist

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