Maine Coon cats in photography.

There really isn’t any sort of photographic merit to these particular shots other than the oddity of this particular breed of Maine Coon cat and the need to entertain myself with random recordings of his life. I will continue to update this gallery as time goes on, especially as he begins to near what could be a record breaking size.

This is Mr. Miyagi, Miyagi is a purebred Maine Coon. He came onto the scene as somewhat of an alien-like thing with the attributes of Bill the Cat. I had no clue what this breed was all about until I started to do some research. These cats are massive and tend to hold most of the world’s records concerning size, length and weight. Other oddities include a serious fascination with water, and true to his Viking lore, Miyagi loves water, to the extent that he enjoys standing in the lake with me while I fish and dropping foreign objects into the toilet with the only objective that I can tell,  being to just stare at them, intently.

The Guinness Book of World’s Records holds a Maine Coon cat named “Stewie” as the record breaker in length, measuring 48 1/2 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tailbone. Miyagi is already ammusingly concerning us with where he is at in size considering that he is only 10 months old and approximately 40 inches. From what I understand, Maine Coons will keep growing for the first 3-5 years of their lives.

What’s in a name?

Apparently a lot of alcohol. Maine Coons are known for a distinctive “M” in the center of their forehead. Obviously we needed a good “M” name. Well, it took a couple of bottles and a lot of laughing and so he landed with the name, because Pat Morita would just be silly.

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