Macro photography up close and personal.

The great thing about macro photography is that you are never more than 2 feet from a subject. When passing time, I am usually digging around in search of some sort of critter. There are more shots to come but for now I will leave you with these.

Nikon 105mm tech specs:

When it comes to glass, the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF-S VR lens is on hand with me most of the time. It’s a great lens when it comes to macro photography work and doubles as a fantastic portrait lens as well. The only complaint that I have about this lens is it’s slow autofocus. It’s not terrible but when you are shooting the smaller things in life, especially the ones with wings, timing can be crucial. It wasn’t until I used this particular lens for about a year that I realized that I do much better manually focusing in such situations. I do recommend this lens but only if you can get a used piece in good condition. The price can be hard to stomach for compromising on something as important as speed in focus.


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