If I Stay

if i stay book cover

New York Times Bestseller – If I Stay. 

I was pleased to discover that the group over at Penguin did a nice job using my shot of Kelsea in a very simple but interesting way for the cover of Gayle Forman’s novel “If I Stay.” The only change to the photo itself was a mere rotation of 90 degrees, but they preserved my original processing, a signature of those publishers and retailers who try to maintain the integrity of the photographer’s craft. After some time, I was contacted by Penguin again and asked if I could arrange another shoot with Kelsea for the jacket of the second novel in the series “Where She Went.” What they were not aware of was that Kelsea had enlisted into the United States Marine Corp. Recently promoted to Corporal, Kelsea will soon be finishing her time in service to our country, and from there, who knows what opportunities await her. Many people have asked me about the difference between the two faces on the first and second novels, so for those of you who have inquired: that is not Kelsea on the second cover. I hope this helps to explain why so many of you were confused about the subtle difference in faces.

If I Stay – movie now in development.

As I had once predicted, “If I Stay: The Movie” is now in development. Summit Entertainment will be the production company handling this project. My understanding is that “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke was supposed to work on this film but is out directing another film. I am not certain who will play the lead role of Mia, but rumor has it that Dakota Fanning was offered the deal. Despite the controversy generated by readers who feel that Dakota doesn’t fit the character of Mia, it is nice to see that the face on the cover of If I Stay is the one that fans expect to see in the role. Like Kelsea’s, some faces make an impression; capturing those faces is what I do.

Update: Movie to be released August 22nd

Check out the trailer here.

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