Essence, expression & context in photography.

You will notice in much of my work that I prefer a shallow depth of field for the atmosphere that it produces in a photograph. Though I appreciate the technical aspects of studio photography, which relies heavily on the storyline to make a shot compelling, I lean more towards allowing the planes of space and visual context to set the mood. What makes for a beautiful morning does not consist in the sun being out but rather the series of contexts and contrasts that it creates. These are the elements that I look for when I shoot. Just as light has no meaning without shadow, the subject and foreground lack impact without the proper integration of the background and it’s planes of space.  Without these elements being brought together in a cohesive way, a subject is just a subject, and a photograph is just a shot. This is essentially the reason why a good photographer at his core is an artist. I will be going into greater detail concerning these and many other techniques that I have formed over the years in the blog as time permits.

The new

If you are a subscriber or a returning visitor you will notice that much has changed. Larger format, richer content, digital downloads and an in-house storefront with immediate purchase fulfillment. Much more will be coming in the very near future including a few surprises. All in good time. I will do my best to keep it as informative and entertaining as possible, from my professional work to the ordinary but noteworthy and comical. Stay tuned and check back regularly as updates to existing themes will continue as well as more photo themes to come. If you happen to be new to this site or my work, feel free to wander around and feel free to drop a line and say hi.

– Brooke Pennington