Fine art in portrait photography.

I’ve always been drawn to the tangible persona that can be experienced within portrait photography. Successful portrait photography can convey a deeper and more thoughtful message that can arrest the viewer. Candid expressions convey a truth that the staged “smile” will never be able to grasp. That is why a good model is not one who can act well, but one who can allow themselves to simply be. Today’s portrait photography is a far cry from the early days of the 1800s where stoic expressions were commonplace. As you can probably tell, I prefer a more thoughtful expression because it adds more to the shot while I focus on the relationship between the subject and the background. What I have discovered is, any shot can be something to stop and ponder when those relationships are balanced. If you are interested in who I think masters the art of compelling portrait photography, check out Joey Lawrence.

Compelling portrait photography.

What makes for good portrait photography? I think that is up to the viewer to decide. Photography as a piece of art is relative only to a degree. Ultimately there are standards that must be met in order for it to be truly compelling. I have learned that having a confident and thoughtful subject is a great place to start. Where the magic really begins to take shape, happens in the mind of the photographer. Understanding how to balance the visual planes of space and integrate them to frame the subject makes an image more cohesive . I will be going into this more later on in the blog with various techniques that I have learned along the way. To see an example of successful portrait photography, read more about the novel “If I Stay” and the face that graced the cover.


portrait photography of if i stay cover